Education Program

Education Program

To study God’s word, meditate therein day and night and be able to point out false teachings and philosophies, one must have gone through a period of sound education. Although Acholi land has been free from the LRA attack for more than a decade now, communities are still struggling to overcome the legacy of the conflict. Trauma, poverty, former child soldiers, orphans, missed educations, disabilities and general economic and infrastructural destructions continue to determine the prospect of education and rural development. The associated effects of low level of education are early marriages, high crime rates, domestic violence, land wrangles and widespread poverty thus under development

Even when education is believed to be the bridge between poverty and economic development, the absence of social amenities like electricity, water, road retworks, housing facilities among others continue to scare away many brilliant ugandan teachers who are unwilling to offer their services in rural areas. The rural and poor communities therefore continue to attract under qualified teachers as well as little private and public educational investment.

Apart from the fact that the rural poor cannot afford to educate their children in private schools within the urban centers, the Universal Primary and Secondary Education provided by the government of Uganda cannot solve the rural problems as government schools are sparsely distributed and overcrowded. Our response to this enormous challenge therefore is to provide educational opportunities to the community through: –

Provision of Pre-Primary and Primary Education

This program is established to provide high quality, affordable and Christ-centered education to the little children. This will not only supplement government’s efforts towards the provision of quality education to Ugandans but also produce quality God fearing citizens.

Vocational Education

This program is established to provide sustainable vocational training to the community especially victims of the LRA war. The program includes periodic cources such Bakary, Tailoring, Catering, Hair Dressing, ICT, Photography, Mechanics, Brick Laying and Concrete Practice among others. This is aimed at increasing the income level of the community

Child Sponsorship Program

Flavia Ajok (S.4)
Koch Goma Secondary School

This program was initiated when church members agreed to contribute money and support the educational needs of students who for one reason or the other are unable to afford or complete their education independently. In 2020, Thou Art The Christ piloted the sponsorship program with one (1) students, a female by the names of Ajok Flavia and a Senior 4 student of Koch Goma Secondary School, Nwoya district while other beneficiaries are being identified for the 2021 Program

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