Thou Art The Christ Uganda has four major community outreach programs namely: -

Technological, social and economic development is built on the foundation of sound education. Education is the only avenue where generation of preachers, teachers, writers, physicians, entrepreneurs and leaders are raised, nurtured and empowered. As a preaching and a teaching institution, we encourage, support and facilitate both secular and religious learning, training and education 

We do this by: -

  • Providing sponsorship and scholarship opportunities to vulnerable school going children

  • Providing and promoting vocational and skill training to the community

  • Providing adult literacy especially on writing and speaking

  • Establishing formal educational institutions for Christian and secular education.


At Thou Art The Christ, we know that we cannot stop natural calamities and human suffering but in some way can support victims of these unfortunate circumstances to cope up with and/or bounce back from such occurrences. We believe that a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear and an act of caring which many people ignore is a privilege and an opportunity to show the compassionate goodness of God and share the Gospel of love and comfort to the community

  • Mobilizing and changing the mindset of homeless and street children

  • Establishing and operating orphanage centers and homes for the needy

  • Mobilizing food and non-food items for the needy within the community

  •  Addressing water, sanitation and hygiene crisis within the community

  •  Alleviating absolute poverty and human suffering

  • Mobilizing and providing medical supplies, nutritional needs and first aid support for the communities in disaster zones 

  • Protecting the most vulnerable persons within the community such as persons living with HIV/AIDs, elderly, disabled and the handicapped among others

We do these by: -


  • Providing market and market information to the farmers in order to reduce the exploitation of farmers by the middlemen

  • To provide storage facilities to the farmers

  • Providing farm training and education on good agricultural practices

  • Advocating for the farmers in different national and international platforms

  • Providing free agricultural and on-farm advisory services to the farmers

  • Exposing the farmers through farm tours within and outside the country

Agriculture and food production is a divine call from the creator and a scriptural dignifying duty handed over to humanity as the first form of employment. God is the creator, the architecture, the designer and the keeper of this earth, a divine being that all farmers should look upon for any meaningful and successful production.

At Thou Art The Christ Uganda therefore, we mobilize, organize and empower the small holder farmers to take up sustainable agriculture as a noble job and a divine duty handed over to man by God through: -


Our God is concerned with the physical world as well as the spiritual world. Being fruitful, multiplying, replenishing and subduing the earth as written in Genesis 1:26 is an assignment and part of the Good News of Christ

The earth was created to sustain, protect and enhance human, plant and animal life including the work of God. Green house emission, industrialization, deforestation and human activities among others is resulting into severe human suffering arising from climate change. Therefore, managing the environment is not just for our own benefit but also for the glory of God

Thou Art The Christ Uganda is therefore: -

  • Promoting sustainable waste management in order to reduce pollution

  • Promoting tree planting and expansion of woodland across vulnerable communities so as to tackle the adverse effects of climate change

  • Supporting the mitigation of climate change and its adaptability

  • Promoting the use of local plants as Natural Medical Remedies

  • Promoting the preservation and protection of biodiversity and endangered plant and animal species.

  • Promoting the conservation and sustainable use of natural resources such as water, land, air, energy and raw materials.