Thou Art The Christ runs all its spiritual programs through coordinated departments and each department headed by a Pastor.Below are our departments: -



Prayer, love and forgiveness are the three most powerful resources ever given to humanity for coexistence. Of the three, prayer is the most powerful and the only missing link that connects the invisible and infinite God with his creation. Prayer is a reminder of our natural human limitations and a call to the creator for grace, provision and protection. At Thou Art The Christ, Absolute Holiness, Complete Obedience and Aggressive Prayer is our identity and all our activities are designed and executed through prayers

Thou Art The Christ Prayer Department is established to: -

  • Organize build and train an end-time prayer warriors of the Lord 

  • Organize weekly, monthly and quarterly prayer retreats and prayer programs 

  • Organize and maintain fellowships within and outside Thou Art The Christ

  • Communicate testimonies of answered prayers to the world in order to give glory to the Lord 

  • Organize intercessory prayers to pray for those who are passing through one challenges and the other