Our History

Our History

In The Beginning…

In 2016, Pastor Geoffrey Okot was moved by the Holy Spirit to take salvation, healing and hope to the people of Northern Uganda his home town, a land that was ravaged the Lord’s Resistance Army conflict for more than 2 decades. The conflict that displaced over 2 million people and kidnapped, mutilated and killed tens of thousands of civilians left many vulnerable household struggling to overcome the associated psycho-social trauma, stigmas and spiritual wounds .

Arriving in Koch Goma village on 19th April 2016 with his wife, he identified himself with the existing local churches, and briefly joined Christ Revival Church then under Pastor Benjamin Olara. Five months later, he organized the first ever Thou Art The Christ meeting which took place on 25th September 2016 comprising of different pastors, believers and friends. The meeting discussed his mission at length, the expected challenges and way forward after which a tentative action plan was drawn and approved.

An Interim committee of 7 members headed by Pastor Geoffrey Okot was created the same day and fellow pastors pledged their willing support.

Whereas the family strongly objected his cause and demanded his return to the teaching profession, he began farming with his wife on the family land growing different crops like Papaya, Green Peppers, Cabbages, Bananas and rearing of animals in order to buy time. By 2017, God had raised him from an ordinary farmer to the position of the national President of the Young Farmers Federation of Uganda (UNYFA) by His special grace. This position did not only silence the family but also helped him to understand the structural setup of an organization that was very key in the establishment of Thou Art The Christ

The same year (2017), Thou Art The Christ initiated a Students Discipleship Program at Skyland Academy Secondary School, Market Evangelism and Hospital Visitations, proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Consequently, many converts started gathering at the Pastor’s home for spiritual counseling, bringing the sick and demon possessed for prayers and deliverance.

By the end of 2017, the gathering had grown and transformed itself into a meaningful fellowship. In 2018, Skyland Academy Secondary School offered a classroom block for a temporary place of worship. The same year, the Lord being pleased with the progress of Thou Art The Christ provided a monthly financial support through His Daughter’s Meekness a Christian organization in California, USA. This support helped in the funding and establishment of the mandatory and legal framework of the Church.

The same year, the Lord being pleased with the progress of Thou Art The Christ provided a monthly financial support through His Daughter’s Meekness a Christian organization in California, USA

By 2019, the Classroom block had become too small to accommodate the congregation. This forced the leaders of the Church to find a rented hall at Villanova Park, Koch Goma Town Council, Nwoya district where the Church is currently operating.

On 06th October 2019, having completed all the necessary documentation and legal framework, Thou Art The Christ organized an official launch witnessed by the Chairman LC III of Koch Goma Town Council, Hon Okullu John Bosco and officiated by the Chairman National Fellowship of Born Again Pentecostal Churches of Nwoya district Rev Okumu Morris Christopher. Six months later, the congregation gathered financial resources and acquired 2 acres of land for putting up a permanent place of worship and other relate church projects .

About The Founder  

Pastor Geoffrey Okot is an Evangelist, a Pastor and a Teacher of the Word. He was born on 03rd December 1988 to Mr. Ocitti Tom Oryema a Lawyer and Mrs. Rose Ocitti a Senior Copy Typist from Gulu district during the Northern Uganda Insurgency of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA).

Hailing from a catholic background, his mother dedicated him at infant to priesthood where he grew up as an Altar Boy, a Crusader and a Mass Choir at Holy Rosary Catholic Church, Gulu.

In 1995, he began his education from Good Will Primary School, Gulu Town Primary School and completed his Primary Leaving Examination from Atede Primary School. At that time, majority of the schools were partially closed while others relocated into protected camps and their activities limited due to the fear of the LRA attack

Between 2002 and 2005, he joined Sir Samuel Baker School, Gulu for his Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) and luckily survived abduction of the LRA rebel almost three times. This forced his parents to seek admission at Uphill College Mbuya, a school in the capital city (Kampala) as situations in Northern Uganda were unbearable. It was at Uphill College Mbuya that he received Christ as Lord and Saviour, completed his Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE) although financial constraints made him to sit for his final examination from the then displaced Koch Goma Secondary School in Northern Uganda.

In 2008, he got admission to Gulu University to study Bachelor of Arts Education on government scholarship which he completed successfully. Before his graduation in January 2012, he was already teaching Economics at Gulu College, Graceland Girl’s Secondary School, Northland High School and Gulu Central Adult Learning Centre on both full and part time basis.

In 2013 when he received a call to full time ministry, he left all i.e. teaching, gambling, stealing and worldly music to pursue this divine call.  Following the leading of the Holy Spirit, he arrived at The Apostolic Church Uganda in April 2013, a Nigerian Mission Field in Kampala then under the Pioneer Missionary Apostle, Pastor Joseph Oluyemi Balogun where he acquired his theological, ministerial and pastoral trainings

Two years later, he was posted to The Apostolic Church Uganda, Jinja Mission Field for a two year’s Pastoral Intern (training) as a Student Pastor which he also completed successfully.

On 13th December 2014, he got married in a Holy Matrimony to Ms. Sharon Apiyo.

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