Provision of Clean and Safe Drinking Water to the Community of Koch Goma -Funded by His Daughters Meekness (HDM) 

In 2021, His Daughters Meekness funded the construction of a hand dug Borehole to provide clean and safe water for deinking and production. Currently, this is the only water source serving over 500 households in Koch Goma Town Council of Northern Uganda, East Africa 

Tree Talk/Farmers Voice Radio -Funded by Ecotrust Uganda 

Ecotrust Uganda organizes its Farmer's Voice Radio program at Thou Art The Christ compound to support and sensitize the community of Northern Uganda on the benefit of tree planting and conservation. Thou Art The Christ Tree Nursery Bed through the sensitization of Ecotrust Uganda has continued to produce and supply  quality tree seedlings to the community 

Covid 19 Relief -Funded by His Daughters Meekness (HDM)

Thou Art The Christ through the support of His Daughters Meekness (HDM) became a source of support to the elderly. During Covid 19 Pandemic, many elderly died of hunger, isolation and trauma related complications. With funding from His Daughters Meekness, Thou Art The Christ visited hundreds of elders and provided relief items such as food, sanitizers, facemask among others 

Sustainable Rain Water Harvest Project -Funded by Global Landcare Inc

Taking the advantages of excessive rain water during the wet season, Thou Art The Christ acquired a 10,000 litter tank for water storage but installation was funded by Global Landcare Inc. This has provided solutions to water crisis to the surrounding community  and supported the Ministries training and demonstration center with water for production 

Farmers Training and Advocacy 

Thou Art The Christ Uganda supports farming given that its headquarter is seated within the farming community. As a member of Uganda National Farmers Federation (UNFFE), Farmers gather from time to time at Thou Art The Christ Headquarter for training and demonstration on all agronomist practices,  advisory services and other agri-related support including market linkages and farmers advocacy 

Provision of Sponsorship to School Going Children -Funded by His Daughters Meekness (HDM)

With the support of His Daughters Meekness (HDM) Thou Art The Christ has continued to support the educational needs of vulnerable children who cannot independently finance their education. The target beneficiaries are the Orphans, Children with HIV/AIDs and Children with Disability among others