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About our Spiritual Programs

Thou Art The Christ is a DO-IT-YOURSELF ministry where absolute Holiness, Complete Obedience and Aggressive Prayer is taught, practiced and used to unlock the treasures of the kingdom of heaven and to have power and dominion over satan and his kingdom

Our Prayer Department

Prayer, love and forgiveness are the three most powerful resources ever given to humanity for coexistence. Of the three, PRAYER is the most powerful and the only missing link that connects the invisible and infinite God with his creation. Prayer is a reminder of our natural human limitations and a call to the creator for grace, provision and protection.

At Thou Art The Christ, Absolute Holiness, Complete Obedience and Aggressive Prayer is our identity and all our planning, implementation and evaluation are designed and built through prayers.

Our Outreach Department

True evangelism is an issue of how much a believer’s life, testimony and behaviour can witness and attract the world to Jesus Christ. This is because human response to pulpit sermons is not as strong as the influence of an individual over a family, relative or friend. Our response therefore to the Great Commission of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ is not an option but a command that takes our greatest efforts and resources.

Our Membership Department

When you receive Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour, you become a member of His body. Because Christ wants every member of His body to be a blessing to one another, joining Thou Art The Christ will give you an opportunity to grow in Christ, exercise your gifts and empower you to become what you were created for.

At Thou Art The Christ, we are not just any church you join; we are a family you belong to, a home where you are loved and nurtured, a hospital where you find healing and a refuge where you are protected from the devil.

Our Discipleship Department

Discipleship is the process of following, knowing and experiencing Jesus Christ on a daily basis through absorbing proper spiritual food, having a constant prayer life and attending regular spiritual activities. At Thou Art The Christ, our Discipleship programs are designed not to entertain anyone but to teach and reveal Christ, raise a people who can become like Christ and also be able to disciple others. Our major goal is to equip you to know who you are in Christ, what you have in Christ and what you can do through Christ


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